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Biloxi / Gulfport Report

 Posted by Robbie on 5 January 2001, at 10:45 a.m.




12:24 PM


Biloxi / Gulfport Mississippi

In Biloxi there are nine casinos, in Gulfport there are two and in Bay St.

Louis there is one. The Beau Rivage which cost $680 million to build has
1780 rooms. It has entry from a six level garage which goes by many shops to
the atrium. Right off the atrium is Maggie's Bar which is considered one of
the best martini bars on the Gulf Coast. From the atrium you walk directly
into the casino which has two pits of six blackjack tables each. At the end
of these two pits one pit of twelve blackjact tables branches off to the
right and one pit of eight blackjack tables branches off to the left. On the
right in the back is the Cashier's desk. Further off to the left is another
pit with ten blackjack tables and extended way into the back is another pit
with eight blackjack tables which are non smoking. The non smoking tables in
the back opened at 12:30 PM at $5 on a Saturday and were still the same at 6
PM. All other table minimums were at least $10 by 12 noon. Out of a total
of 50 tables there were only four not open. Table limits were $5, $10, $15,
$25 and $50 up to $5,000 maximum. No rules are displayed at the tables so
you have to know the rules that they use. The shuffle is a step ladder
followed by a riffle and restack. Two half deck plugs from the cut-offs were
placed into the middle of the discards. The cutoffs vary between 1.25 and
1.5 decks out of 6. Inadvertantily, the dealer may cut off one deck but I
think they have marks on the inside of the shoe for a 1.25 cut which would
provide for 79% deck penetration. The dealer up card is turned over last
after all players have their cards. There is a high stakes salon with seven
tables which have a $100 minimum. Four hours at a $10 average is worth a
comp for two to the seafood buffet which has an excellent selection of
seafood and meats. If comped you get into a long comp line. If not, you are
given a beeper and you will be paged.

The Grand has several six deck, double deck and single deck blackjack games.

There are also some four deck continuous shuffling machines that you could
get fooled into playing thinking that it is the start of a new shoe. The
tables for the six deck games use automatic shuffling machines which work
perfectly. The cutoffs early in the day were one deck but later in the day
was1.75 decks out of six. The worst cut was two decks. All tables have
seven player positions so they ran out of cards quickly. The Grand has added
a new Mississippi Long Bar on the lower level where sandwiches and cocktails
may be purchased for a reasonable price. There are several $3 blackjack and
other novelty tables in this area.

The new Palace opened on May 25, 2000 with an 11 story hotel with 236 rooms.

It is very nice.

The Isle of Capri, which was the first casino to open in Biloxi in August

1991, has a four deck game cutting off 1.5 decks.

The Imperal Palace cuts 1.5 out of six decks. They have double deck games

from $3 to $50 and from $5 to $200. They have six deck games from $1 to
$200. If the $1 tables are full they will open another $1 table upon request.

The President was cutting off one deck. There is no surrender. They use a

criss-cross shuffle with a pick from each of four piles with a lot of

The Treasure Bay cuts off 1.5 decks out of 6 with no surrender.


In Gulfport there are two casinos, The Grand Gulfport and the Copa. The

Grand Gulfport is the mirror image of the The Grand in Biloxi. They have
several six deck games where they usually cut off 1.75 decks. The best cut I
saw was 1.5. They had two double deck games where they dealt out 57 cards
for 56% deck penetration. The most cards dealt that I saw was 63 and the
least was 54. There was one single deck game where they dealt out 28 cards
for 54% D.P. The betting limits were from $10 to $1,000. In the high stakes
salon they had several double deck games with $25 and $50 minimums and a
$5,000 limit.

The Copa in Gulfport is next to the Grand. It is a 46 year old cruise ship

which was converted into a casino eight years ago. It is the only Copa;
there is no Copa in Biloxi. It is a very small casino and is due for some
renovations. They are planning on building a floating casino barge, a 350
room hotel and a parking garage. As best I could tell the Copa had three six
deck games from $5 to $1,000 and one six deck game from $2 to $1,000. The
cutoffs were between 1.5 and 1.75. They have a bonus that pays 15 to 1 for a
blackjack that can be played for the dealer, for the player or both. There
are four double deck games; two from $5 to $500 and two from $5 to $1,000.
There was one single deck game from $3 to $1,000; two single deck games from
$5 to $500 and two from $5 to 1,000. The single deck games were giving 60%
deck penetration. The allow double down on 10 and 11 only and allow late
Casino Magic in Bay St. Louis is about 20 miles from Gulfport.




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