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 Posted by J_Worthington on 16 May 1998, at 3:29 a.m., in response to Re:Correction - no DAS, posted by Bootlegger on 11 May 1998, at 8:07 p.m.



Hollywood conditions, for me (recent):


I played only SD, red-green. Pen varied. A number of dealers at SD are choppy and jerky or too-slow in their deliveries--this is annoying. (Nothing like Horseshoe, for example, where the dealing pace and procedures are far more uniform and professional.) Ran into fairly frequent PS, and one-round-to-five type of stuff. On three visits there on swing shift, I found the pit area nearest the band performer's stage and the main cage to be tighter and more vigilant. The other pit was looser and less disciplined and the dealers tended to be more slapdash, flinging cards around such that they flew off the tables, struck you with sharp edges in the hands, and so forth. Not all dealers, but some. A couple dealers got into dealing exceptionally fast and loose. One scooped up bets before it was certain you busted. (Example: I had 18 showing with an A-2 not showing--21 total--and the dealer started scooping up my bet even though I had not flipped my cards over. When he realized that I hadn't busted, he said "I bet you were thinking, 'What is this guy [the dealer] doing?!'".) It would not have surprised me to find out that some of dealers were on stimulants.


I fluxed badly negative on two trips to this pit, and the thought crossed my mind that these undisciplined often "shucking and jiving" dealers might be cheating. Another dealer that didn't shuck and jive but about whom I didn't have a good feeling was one vis a vis cheating who said he worked at an Indian casino for years. The general lack of professionalism that prevailed at times seemed to be fertile ground for the weeds of cheating to sprout. (Again, not all of the dealers; just some of them some of the time.)


Two other things that I didn't like about Hollywood: Many smokers, and TOO NOISY (big cavernous gymnsasium acoustics). I'm not usually picky about smokers, but it seemed like I was too-frequently getting copious deep hits of thick fresh second hand smoke there, curling up from ashtrays.


A couple of times, my sessions spilled into graveyard shift (after 4 AM) and the playing conditions seemed to improve overall pen-wise in the tighter of the two pits (the looser pit closed down); but, unfortunately, I was to the point of falling asleep, so I couldn't stick around to enjoy it.





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