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Re: Tunica Report & Comments on Strategy Used

 Posted by Karpov on 19 May 1998, at 10:42 p.m., in response to Tunica Report & Comments on Strategy Used, posted by The guy from AC on 19 May 1998, at 3:50 p.m.



a few more comments on Tunica (some not related to bj):


Fitzgerald's employs the least intelligent people in tunica (the security guards are like beavis and butthead and some of the dealer's (more than a normal percentage) take about 5 minutes to count up their hand)... also i don't like Fitzgerald's b/c it seems run-down, in Tunica where everything seems new it sticks out like a sore thumb..


the Gold Strike (formerly circus-circus) has an absolutely delicious seafood buffet on friday nights... i don't play on the weekends and i have even made a special trip twice with wife and friends AND EVEN PAYED FULL RETAIL 14.95 to eat there.. it's that good, especially if you like seafood...(actually this is one of my favorite things about tunica)


the Grand is a really nice large casino... may be too big.. even when it is busy it feels kind of empty..


the Horseshoe is ALWAYS crowded...it is kind of like a big party there all the time..it is the smallest casino in tunica but makes the most profit..


some people have complained about the noise at the Hollywood, but i have never really noticed...however, even though i prefer to play bj there, i would choose other places to eat.. last trip there (even though i admit it was a losing session), a dealer was counting along with me.. i varied my bet and he asked me if i was sure that was all i wanted to bet because the deck was so "good." i nonchalantly asked him if anyone consistently won there (to see if the good conditions were in any kind of danger).. he said no and indicated that they had never barred anyone... normally such conversation with any casino employee would be forbidden, but he and i talked for a while about playing other places.. i got the feeling he is a counter also and i risk nothing by talking to him (i am usually pretty good about determining this type of thing).. in fact, he dealt deeper than normal when the the count was positive and shuffled quicker when it was negative... although i don't normally think he does this, but he was getting frustrated that i wasn't winning when i was "supposed" too..but my session wasn't too bad..


btw, i also use the Uston Advanced Plus/Minus count.. in his book "Uston on Blackjack," Uston (my hero) says that he incorrectly informed readers in his book "Million Dollar Blackjack," that the Uston APC is a stronger system than the Uston Advanced Plus/Minus... he believes that it is just as strong because it is so easy while it is so easy to make mistakes in the APC.. this made me feel good..



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