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More on Tunica

 Posted by Bootlegger on 6 December 1998, at 9:46 a.m.



I just returned from a short trip to Tunica and this is what I saw.


GOLD STRIKE: They have reduced the number of single deck tables to one $25 table. One dealer told me that this was done because they had "seen a lot of counters lately." Ironically, as she was telling me this, I was counting cards, spreading 1-3 green, and another player at this table was counting and spreading from one hand of $25 to two hands of $150. There were also fewer double deck tables than I remember seeing in the past, and most of the minimums for DD were also $25, with one or two $10 tables available. The double deck penetration was fairly consistent at about 75%. As always, the Gold Strike is fairly liberal with comps, but I was told at the slot club booth that the GS doesn't give cash back for table play and that it has never done so, even though I have received cash back for table play in the past.


THE HORSESHOE: They are still offering their usual assortment of single, double and six deck games.


SHERATON: This casino has been seen by most blackjack players as the weak sister out of the three casinos in the Casino Center area, but it offers a good single deck game, comparable to the Horseshoe's game. The nice thing about this game is that it is possible to find the table uncrowded at times when the tables at the Horseshoe and the Gold Strike are full. At the times I was there, the single decker was a $10 table. The six deckers and double deckers aren't worth playing. At the moment, the Sheraton has the best video poker that I saw in Tunica, with several quarter 9/6 Jacks or Better machines, including the ones on the Odyssey games. There are also $.50 and $1.00 9/6 machines and there is at least one $.50 All-American machine, which is the only 100%+ machine that exists in Tunica, to my knowledge.


FITZGERALDS: I didn't play blackjack here because the tables were too crowded, but it appeared to me that the games were much as reported in the past. The Fitz also has a few $.25 9/6 machines upstairs. It looks to me like the Piggy Bank slots have disappeared. I looked, but couldn't find them. There is a rule offered at the craps game which gives the shooter the advantage. It is similar to the en prison rule in European roulette. If the shooter rolls a two or twelve on his come-out roll, his line bet is carried over to the next roll and he must then match it with a new line bet of equal value. It only applies to the shooter and not to the other bettors at the table.


HARRAH'S: I did a quick walk through here, but didn't play. They are in the process of remodeling their Premier players area. I saw only one single deck table in action, and it was full.


HOLLYWOOD: Again, I did not play blackjack here. They have taken out the large bank of video poker machines that used to sit on the right-hand side of the casino, between the craps pit and the Adventure Slots area. It appears that they are going to use this area for tables or perhaps a poker pit.


BALLY'S: No play here, just a quick run-through. I saw the same old lousy games as I have seen there in the past.


THE GRAND & SAM'S TOWN: I never got to these places on my last visit.


In summary, it looks to me like the game has deteriorated since my last visit. Good games can still be found, but not in the numbers I have seen in the past.




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