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Tunica update

 Posted by Bootlegger on 10 May 1998, at 8:38 a.m.



The Hollywood now has single deck games available. When I was there, it seemed that they had converted most of their double deckers to single deck. The penetration was good, although it varied from dealer to dealer. At the moment, I would rank the Hollywood alongside the Gold Strike and the Horseshoe as one of the best places to play in Tunetown.


I also found a decent single deck game in the Premier area at Harrah's, although I have heard from others that their penetration can be bad if you go to more than three players. I saw them go to one round dealt once four players were at the table. I only stuck around for two hands after that, so I don't know if it was a matter of horrible penetration or a preferential shuffle.


I played at Fitzgerald's, where penetration has been heavily dealer dependent. I sat down at a double-deck table which had a dealer who had dealt deeply in the past. Alas, he was only dealing out about 65% of the pack that night, so I didn't stay long. The rest of the dealers in the place were dealing 50%.


I played two hands of double deck at the Sheraton. When I saw the dealer shuffle after about 40% of the cards had been dealt, I left. This was beyond a doubt the worst penetration I have seen in Tunica, barring the occasional PS. I don't know why anyone would play in this perennial burn joint.



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