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Going slumming? Try the Hollywood.

 Posted by Bootlegger on 25 December 1998, at 5:42 p.m.



I just returned from a trip to Tunica and found the casinos to be much the same as I had reported after my trip in early December. The Hollywood has taken out a large bank of video poker machines and replaced it with a pit of about ten $1 blackjack tables, with six deck shoes.


That has nothing to do with my reference to "slumming" however. The games at the Hollywood continue to deteriorate, with only two single deckers in action while I was there. The penetration was worse that the rule of six, with two rounds to three players and one round to four. In addition, they have removed most of their 9/6 VP machines, and from what I could see, there are no $.50 or $1 machines, only quarters.


The "slumming" reference? The place is filthy and it seems to me that it's getting filthier by the minute. Any moment now, I suspect the "Hollywood" marquee will come down, to be replaced by a large sign which says "El Cortez."



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