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"So what"?

 Posted by River Rat on 14 December 1999, at 12:08 a.m., in response to Trip Report, posted by halo100 on 13 December 1999, at 10:19 a.m.



"The DD game at Grand deals out 100%, but with the table always crowded - so what."

You should be demolishing that game.


Even if you exaggerate and it's only 85%, it's still a great game.


"I am starting to be skeptical about card counting. ..Played about 4 hours and won 4,500 without counting. Just raised my bets when winning and played up to 3 hands up to 200 per hand. Without counting! This was after a really bad trip in Vegas that put me in the red as a card counter."

Try to gather your wits - and your bankroll. Check your gambling insticts, they may be loose. Ask for advice and/or some sympathy, on these boards or elsewhere. Get to hear related stories. We've all been there, or worse.



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