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Trip Report - Biloxi

 Posted by Robbie on 14 December 1999, at 3:19 p.m.



I visited Biloxi, Mississippi on the Gulf Coast. It has several Casinos

within walking distance. I stayed at the Grand Casino which is the nicest
casino except for the Beau Rivage.

The Beau Rivage is 1.5 miles west of the Grand Casino on Highway 90 and are

within walking distance from each other for some of you exercise buffs. Next
to the Grand is Casino Magic, which is next to the Isle of Capri. Treasure
Bay is further west of the Beau Rivage and the President is the furthest
west, several miles form the Grand. The Imperial Palace is on a road inland
from Highway 90 a few miles away and is difficult to get to except by

The Grand Casino had about 20 open Blackjack tables on a Thursday evening,

all were $5 tables until 10PM when they opened one $10 table. The table
limits are $5 & $10 to $2500 and $25, $50 & $100 to $10,000. There were
several Double Deck hand held pitch games of $25 in the high stakes area.
The cutoffs were 1.75 to 2 decks at the low stakes tables which all had 7
player positions. All tables had automatic shuffle machines which all worked
perfectly. There is no surrender. One table had a continuous shuffling
machine where the discards are put back into the shuffler after 3/4 of a deck
was accumulated in a one deck discard rack. Don't be fooled into thinking
that it is a single deck game with a shuffle machine.

You can get excellent comps from the floor people if you know how to ask.

They will even give advance comps to a restaurant without even having played.

The Poker room with 21 tables is supposed to be the largest in the South and

was usually full. Nineteen tables were being used on a Friday night. One
table is put aside for use by the dealers on break.

The Grand Casino has a pedestrian crosswalk connecting the Bayview Hotel to

the Grand Casino Biloxi Hotel which are separated by Highway 90.



The Beau Rivage is opulent like the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The entry from

the garage is similar to the Bellagio where the entry from each garage level
goes by several shops before coming to the atrium, which has many magnolia
trees and flowers. From there the entrance to the casino has two rows of
about 20 Blackjack tables. At the end of these rows of tables more tables
break off to the right and left to form a T for the table games. There is
one Cashiers desk to the back right of this area . There are other Blackjack
tables throughout but were not being used.

I estimate that there are between 50 & 60 Blackjack tables of which there

were 20 open on a weekday.

The table limits I observed were $5, $10 & $25 to $5000. Most open tables

were $5 tables. There were no rules displayed at any of the tables, so you
had to know enough to ask for the surrender option. They also allow
resplitting of Aces. The Beau Rivage has six player positions unlike the
Grand which has seven. All were 6 decks and they used the normal hand
shuffle. The cutoffs varied from 2 decks to near 1 deck depending on the

According to a source (EW) the Beau Rivage has temporarilly discontinued

Poker because the room, which was always full, was too small and it was very
noisy being next to the slot machines. They had given people beepers to call
them when a seat at a table became available, because people couldn't hear
over the loudspeaker when there names were called. Eventually they will open
a new Poker room in a different location.

The sink bowels in the restrooms are painted with beautiful designs.


Casino Magic was very crowded on a Friday night due to a drawing which was

being held at the time. All the tables were open and full so it was
difficult to find a seat. The cutoffs were two decks. The dealers stripped
the cards for each riffle while shuffling. Some of the pits were arranged
close enough so that it was possible to count down a table from across the
pit. The casino seems to be much older and worn compared to the Grand.

The Imperial Palace was not very busy when I was there. All the Blackjack

tables seemed to be $1 to $200 and $2 to $200 early in the afternoon. They
cut off 1.5 decks out of six.

Dealers and Pit personnel in all casinos were excellent.


Funbooks can be acquired form the the information center across form the Beau

Rivage. Not the Boomtown Information Center.




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