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Horizon's Edge - Lynn, MA casino cruise report

 Posted by Robbie on 5 August 2003, at 9:27 p.m.



Horizon's Edge


The Horizon's Edge is a casino cruise ship out of Lynn, Massachusetts in

it's fourth year of operation. It was built specifically for casino cruising
outside the coastal three mile limit allowed for gambling. They started running
again for the season on April 17, 2003. The CSM's that they used to have,
have been eliminated because of machine malfunctions and player complaints. They
have two sets of eight decks and two discard racks that they alternate for
each shoe. While one deck is being used, the pit boss uses a zone shuffle of
the deck that is not being used. They now are using 8 decks instead of the 6
that they were using before. The cutoffs are from 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 to as much as
3 decks out of 8 decks. The dealers are very good and the players are, of
course, not skilled. The $10 and $15 tables have a $200 limit and the $25 table
has a $500 limit.

On a Monday night there were two $10 tables and one $25 table open. There

is also a Caribbean Stud Poker table, a Let It Ride table, a Three-Card Poker
table, a Roulette table and a Craps table. There were very few people (about
32) that went out on a windy nite with 4 to 6 foot seas. Three blackjack
tables went unused and were covered with the usual leather table covering.

The ship has three levels; the casino on the lower level, the dining room

with slot machines and a bar on the second level and entertainment with a bar
on the top level. An all you can eat buffet is included in the admission
price. The buffet is excellent and included tenderloin steak, boneless prime rib,
salmon, vegetables, salad, dessert and beverages, all of which were superb.
There is a $3 service charge for the waitress.

They have a players card with which one can earn points which can be used

toward gifts from the gift shop. Beer and wine are free while playing if you
have a players club card, otherwise, there is a charge of $3.50. If you are a
big enough player you can get a VIP card which allows for free admission plus
free admission for one guest. If you play long enough you may earn a free pass
for another cruise. The boat left the dock at 6:45 PM and was out far enough
from the coast to start gambling at 8:00 PM. The casino closed at 10:15 and
was back in the dock by 11:30 PM.



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