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Re: Looking for Game in Vegas

 Posted by Art Peterson on 9 June 1998, at 4:40 p.m., in response to Re: Looking for Game in Vegas, posted by P. Morphy on 9 June 1998, at 2:42 p.m.



They're reaaly assholes at Treasure Island. I played there for a about 3 years, stayed there on several trips, and always bet 50-150, with most bets between 50 & 100, no less. On my 3 most previous trips, my avg. bet per hand was computed at 78, 82, and 79, in fact. On the trip in question, I was told I couldn't play there after about 45 mins. of my usual play. I bought in for 1000, and had about 925 when the banning occurred. That was about a yr. ago. This weekend, I went into Golden Nuggett, where I had played in the past, and, when I gave them my name to be rated, I was told I'm "flagged in their system (assholes!)," and CANNOT play Bj at any of their properties. So, I went accrossthe street to Horseshoe and blew 1800 in 1 1/2 hrs. (that'll show ya, S. Wynn!). Got much luckier later thoiugh, and won 900 back at 4 Qns. (good dbldeck penetration), and 800 back at Horseshoe, for a net -100 trip. Also palyed at Fremont (OK), nd went tro Union Plaza, but the penetration at dbldeck looked so bad there, I dared not to even sit down. On the strip, Barberry Coast was no bargain of a game, and Harrah's dbldeck was OK at best. Can we get 3/4 pentration anywhere on dble. in this day & age??



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