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LV trip report

 Posted by Disco on 16 June 1998, at 11:36 a.m., in response to How did it go, Disco? (n/t), posted by P. Morphy on 15 June 1998, at 9:46 p.m.



Er...well....not so hot!


got seriously hit for 140 red units. My wife won a small bit.


It seemed I got nailed on all my big plays...high count large bets...doubling down, etc. I can think of just a few plays that cost me most of my loss.


It was a wierd feeling, I tried to keep a positive attitude. I was playing my cards right, betting range 1-5 on 1 to 3 hands, y'know...the usual winning strategy. but lady luck was not with me. You know what hurts, is to see fools winning stacks of chips just because they are getting the cards, and even winning on ridiculous plays, while you are sitting there counting and calculating every detail, and losing.


And it wasn't that I won a hundred here, and lost one there, it was ALL losing! Every session, with maybe 2 exceptions out of 20. so, this is my first overall loss trip. hope its my last!!! (but I'm sure it won't be)


Playing conditions were fine...got head to head play at Circus all weekend. slow weekend, most dealers were saying. Lost a good bit at Barbary coast. They have decent rules for DD...DOA, DAS, S17, but only 50% penetration.


My wife got asked her name 2 times at cirucs...and she was ranging 1-4 on 2 hands...maybe not heat, not sure. I was table hopping from one empty SD table to the next every time I got a neg count, and got no heat. So, really ideal conditions but I just couldn't get any cards. Got to the point that I was afraid to put any money out. Frustrating!


Well, this weekend I am going to Laughlin to play in the Hilton's BJ tournament...hope my luck reverses by then!



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