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Harrahs, Laughlin

 Posted by graffiti on 3 September 1997, at 12:35 a.m.
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I just spent 5 days in Laghlin, staying at Harrahs. They offer single, double, 6 decks, and Spanish 21. I spread 1 - 6 in reds at the single & double deck .. stayed away from the shoes. No DAS ... :( Most of the dealers were friendly, and seemed to deal a fair game, with only one dealer being 'suspect'. Penetration varied depending on the dealer: single decks were reshuffled with about 30 cards remaining (some dealers dealt further). Very good dealer (no name please), dealt deeper if I was winning, and reshuffled earlier if more high cards came out and I lost a few consecuitive hands. Another 'friendly' dealer payed my winning 2 x red bet with a green. double decks varied from about the 'required' 25 cards, to an estimated 12-15!!! the pit bosses payed little attention, and when they did, it seemed to be more out of boredom - when jumping my bets, if the pit phone rings, i casually observe the pits reaction, and which table/player, if any, they look at. overall, single & double are beatable, shoes no comment.



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