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Tahoe / Reno report

 Posted by Disco on 4 August 1998, at 10:58 p.m.



We just got back from a week in Tahoe/Reno.


Found typical rules at most places...No DAS, D10, H17.


In Reno, noticed that Cal-Neva has what they call 'early surrender' but which is really what we call 'late surrender', that is, you can not surrender against a dealer BJ.


Stayed a few nights at Tahoe Harrahs. Very tight on comps! They say it is their most expensive hotel. It was awesome tho, a must see and great for kids. They wanted 12 hours of 25$ per hand BJ for a room! Well, we gave it to them, and hit them for about 1500$ doing it! But our play also got us about 150$ in comp money, which you can use for other expenses charged to your room.


At Reno Harrahs' we got a Friday night for 39$, played a few hours at 5$ BJ, and got Sat night free!


Went out to Boomtown, which has improved its BJ game to Double on any 2 cards,and played a few hours of 5$ BJ. Got a 80$ dinner tab picked up! Also, they do not burn a first card, and dig QUITE deep, which can be augmented with tokes..all dealers keep their own tokes. This has been my fave place to play low-limit for a while now. Get to know the dealers and pit, they will take good care of you. Just don't go nuts spreading 1-10 and burn it out for us all!!


Saw no real heat anywhere, actually talked to a dealer in Reno who counts and has been barred for ranging too much (5-150) at other casinos!


The week ended up with us 1500$ ahead, stuffed and exhausted!


We also got free shows at both Harrahs, and a trip on the Tahoe Star yacht for free.


Don't forget to pick up used extra tickets on your way out of the shows...Reno's have $10 match play coupons which were...sweet.


I'll be in Vegas Aug 21-25 at circus (got kids) slammin' them single decks. Give me a shout if you will be too.


Has anybody else been loving those Triple Play video poker machines!!!!!!!



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