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Triple Play Video Poker...

 Posted by Disco on 5 August 1998, at 4:48 p.m., in response to Nice report... and a question., posted by 2dek on 5 August 1998, at 8:05 a.m.



The Triple Play iu saw was a machine with several types of poker...jacks, double bonus, etc. The machine lets you play 3 hands at once. You choose your 'keep' cards, then it shows those choices 3 times on screen, one hand per line. You then draw, and each line, or hand, draws from a separate deck to complete the hand. I don't think there are any better odds than playing three separate hands on 3 spearate machines, but it somewhow seems like you make more hands. For instance, you keep 4 of a flush. You now have three chances to make the flush, any one of which will make enough to cover all 3 hands input. Or a pair can turn into 3 of a kind in Jacks, and only one is needed to get your original money back. If anybody knows more about the odds on these machines, lemme know. One thing is for sure...they are FUN! They seem to be everywhere, from nickels to dollars. Give them a shot, let us know how you do.



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