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use it, spin it

 Posted by 3am lv on 31 August 1998, at 1:10 a.m.



hate it. learn to live with it. take it. take it and carry it in your stomach. nuture it. be the oyster. spin around it. shine it. use it. learn to love it. degenerate las vegas world is paradise. the floorman said you gave it a good try. you tried to double and you tried. laughing when he walked by. you cashing 100 of 1500. good try you. used to nightmare me, sweat me, now i use it spin it.this thing is sick. falwells right.far right. this las vegas studio 54 scene. splitsville baby. you tried.now you know. whatever they say helps. every rummy, cokie, kukie,pickpocket snatch purse, lurker, pit bullboss,dealer,dealee,tourist,traveler....he's only halftired the dealer said. the hell that mean?whatever they said helps.-- just gotta figure what angle to shoot--what did it mean. that was your last hand no ive got chips left no i think he meant stop playing here he works for the eye, the sky, he saw you scratch then unscratch. take it all . read it lookit. jesse may knows it. who's better. i still got chips.



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