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 Posted by G-MAN on 10 September 1998, at 1:02 p.m.



Well I guess this won't come to much as a surprise to my wife when this is posted. I always like talking about my trips even when I don't do as well as I expected. Well my flight departed late from Indianapolis because of overbooking. This flight I had first-clas accomodations and enjoyed them plentiful. I dined on the stuffed chicken breast and had two Crown Royals and pasted out to my connecting flight in Phoenix and on to LV. With all reservations taken care of, I greeted by Roy Salvatore of National Car rental(Shuttle driver) to pickup my reservation. I choose the Speciality class car this time because it gives you to choice of the Cadillac Catera or the Oldsmobile Aurora. Then it was on to Primm, Nv for the $18 stay at Whiskey Pete's. Well wouldn't you know it but it rain, hard all the way from Vacation Village to Primm. I-15 is about the smoothest and cleanest interstate I've ever seen. It tooked me only twenty minutes or so to get there from the Luxor(doing anywhere between 75-90 mph. BJ conditions were as follows at Whiskey Pete's: no heat on 4-1 spreads, one table single deck and two double deck, there was this idiot betting like a madman, but me was losing his ass so they didn't bother him. One hand fifty, next hand two-hundred, third hand seventy-five, and relief in sight so I left the game after twenty minutes up eighty bucks. I hadn't shower yet, so this seem like a good time to quit ahead of the game and relax with the news. The first thing I hear about is some a-hole killing this seven year old girl in the casino in Primm and the casino had part of it on film. Apparently this was big news in Nevada and maybe not the rest of this world. That kinda killed my attitude a little about gambling. The killer was a seventeen year old who probably will not get to see the light of day outside a prison(dirty scum). After that news I decide to go downstairs and try the food. What's this a 12 oz. sirloin steak special for $4.95. GIMME! GOODY-GOODY, YUM-YUM; LOOKOUT BIG BELLY HERE IT COMES! 0-60 in a matter of MINUTES!! I then to play over at the other locations across the way by taking the shuttle which runs every fifteen mins to each hotel and RV area of Primm Valley, Buffalo Bill's, and Whiskey Pete's. To shorten this first day, I only played about thirty five minutes and was up a little over $130 so I called it day and decide to get up early. Well the next morning I lost about fifty bucks after three hands and decided to quit. Something about giving that lunch money back. I dove back up towards LV quite happy and stopped at Vaction Village for that free spin at the wheel to win half of my airfare back(you have to show them your airline ticket within 18 hours after arrival. I came up one click short and won $2, which i deposited into the slots. The table dealers looked kinda lonely at 9:30 a.m. Sorry boys, I got a date at the LV Hilton. After checking in at the Hilton, I went to to Sportsbook to lay down some heavy action on college and pro football, somewhere in the neighborhood of around $2500 worth(that's heavy for me). Let it not be said that I just do BJ. More on that later. I when to lunch at the Holy Cow! What a lunch feast! I had the Fried Mackarel with fries a plenty and cole slaw. I also the sampler speciality of lagers, ales, and beer(six or seven different 6 oz glasses of cold librations. A great meal and I whole recommend this place as a must visit to everyone. The staff was excellent and be sure to say that the word is out on the internet about the food. They will take good care of you. Well after lunch I hit El Cortez for a little action and got a lot of heat on brown chip play($25). Both floor supervisors watched along with the pit supervisor and all i did was bet one $25 chip and played two hands at a time. No match play this time, and was ahead about $150 when this dirty little smelly guy sat right next to me. I was playing at third base, for pete sake's could he sit at far right, there's two more chairs there. Damn he stank, smelled like something the cats dumped on. As a matter of fact he looked like he had dog sh-- on his shoe. My luck just when right out with the fresh air. I left the table up fifty measly bucks, the stinky fu-- saved them this time. Well let me get back down to my next best choice WESTWARD HO! (To be continued later)!!



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