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 Posted by G-MAN on 11 September 1998, at 9:22 a.m.



I light one of my finer Honduran cigars and contemplate the action to be taken here at the WESTARD HO!. I have a players rating here so they expect strong play and usually don't give me any problems. I started out playing $25 chips one hand for the first three passes on single deck. Execellent pen. around 75% with only one other player at table. I was impressed! Plau was chopy for the first thirty minutes or so, then the cards turned in my favor. I would estimate the out of 18 hands, I only lost one and push on two others. Picked up a new player(chick, what a looker)! KEEP YOUR MIND ON THE CARDS AND OUT OF BETWEEN HER LEGS, I was telling myself. I did and after ninety minutes of play I was up appr. $450 to $500. I then decided to play two hands and $35 to $50 a hand. The player at first base departed ahead he said a couple of hundred. The floor supervisor handed him a comp for his play for a 3 dollar rib meal(which by the way are not to bad). Idiot didn't realize what he would be missing, because some guy standing watching for the last ten minutes knew what was happening. He sat and brought in at a $1000 and play two hands also at $50 a play. BLAM! We hit the mother lode, I know for the next thirty minutes we didn't lose two hand in a row at all. My greens were stacking up so fast that I gave the waitress $25 to leave me alone. I even patted her on her nice round ass and she didn't mind. What a day this was going to be. The floor supervisor was now engaging me in a little friendly conversation, I noticed that the player at first base seemed pissed. I know what he was thinking and I winked for him not to push it. I toked the dealers when I BJ'd and doubled down. For this deck I doubled down every first two cards against every thing except the dealers face or 7 through 9 card. They washed the cards once and it didn't matter. I didn't get stupid and raise my bets to over a hundred and maybe that in itself saved me. After about another 40 minutes I guess the pit boss was calling it quits and decide to change the cards. Now here it is barely around 3 in the afternoon and he was pulling this sh--! Okay fine I decide to call it a day and cash out. I told that I didn't have to do that, well thank-you but I'm going to get my rest and I'll get y'all later on, I laughed. I'm sure he was thinking, you gt enough of our ass already. Let me see, I believe I brought in an $500 and I'm taking your ass with me in both of my front pockets. Cashed out for $3175!! I toke the table another $100 and that cute waitress who I felt on another $50 and slipped her one of my business cards with my hotel room on the back. Ain't I a dog or what. Yea, life's a bitch when you're happy. Now I over at the sportsbook at Stardust. Here's $500 on W. Virgina over Ohio State with 12.5 points. Oh by the way here's $600 on Michigan to kick Notre Dame's sorry ass by 6. More on stuff at a later day, or when I'm feeling like talking about football again. I decided to go back to my room at the LV Hilton and watch a little CNBC(Wall St.) and see if I can get lucky again. If my trip report seems a little long, it just because I was to talk a lot. My detail account is always important to me and I don't like to leave out the small details. This is only friday and I got three more days left! Well because I believe in keeping this close to BJ, I'll close it here. But let me tell you of the agony part before I go, you know those two bets I maded earlier on W. Virginia and Michigan, you real sports fans know that either one covered. If anyone like to hear more about the in close and personnal side of LV and me for Labor Day weekend, E-MAIL me at Prince_Steve@ems.prc.com if not at this site. The old G-MAN always like to hear and chat to all concern about BJ and LV. Take care of yourself and EAT well. G-MAN



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