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 Posted by G-MAN on 5 October 1998, at 8:21 a.m.



Well, here I'm at the STARDUST, watched the action at the first table while waiting inline to eat. I always use this strategy because nobody cares about people waiting to eat. This is one of the low floor tables used normally for the physically challenged persons. Nice hand held dd game which allows 4-1 spreads without any heat. Well play was choppy for awhile and I decided to quit after being up maybe eighty bucks after a 35 minute session. Next, I decided to try the New Frontier(Frontier) Casino. They remodeled the rooms and new ownership has finally ended the personnel strike. Played a little single deck for about twenty minutes and couldn't get used to playing in the dark. This casino isn't the brightest, kinda like they want you not to see something. Losted $75 on this session and wouldn't come nowhere near this place again during this trip out.


Just for grins I decided to go over to the Tropicana and see what was going over there. I thought if I was going to play, I would only buy-in for $200 and leave it that, also wanted to see the swin up BJ tables. After watching the action for ten minutes, I chicken out because the house was getting too many 20's and 21's. Went back to my room at the LV Hilton and watched some bad news in the Sportsbook(this is probably the largest, best, cleanest, and ritzy-clad book in Vegas). Well decided to call it quits and maded reservations for ten tonight at the Voodoo Lounge Cafe at The Rio. Dressed to the nines with my Versace silk shirt and black silk-wool blend pants, I caused some nice looking chicks to stop and stare at the shirt. Accepting comps my way I preceeded to order the Rio Surf N'Turf($42.75) and well worth it I might add. The lobster tail was stuffed with a creamy cheese sauce and garlic blend, all I can say this was the best meal I had in a while in Vegas. Cost not being a factor, I had more expensive meals at the Mirage and Ceasar's, but this was simply delish! The floor manager was to nice and after my meal, escorted me upstairs to the bar area of the Voodoo Lounge and personally gave me a table with a view of the strip. The lounge was packed and nothing but great looking women were at the bar. I mean they were all lookers and dressed to kill. Danced a bit and had a great time. This is the hot spot for the local women. The only other place that comes close is The Beach at midnight(friday & saturday) if you can get in. Afterwards with a new guest(female), we decide to hangout and play a little BJ downstairs. My friend was just as good of a player as she looked and maybe a lot luckier. I believe she won about $650 in about thirty minutes and I won $45. We played at a six-deck shoe, which is something I hardly won't do, but I guess the company and the liquor went to my head(both).


Well, we decided to hit the HardRock just for the atmosphere. Played a little BJ at the Jimi Hendrix(Are You Experience? table), both losted around eighty bucks and decided to call it quits. The next day we had breakfast at the LV and lunch at Caesar's. This was the first sunday in about 13 years that I didn't watch opening day in the NFL. Well a bad trip sports betting ruin my winning at BJ. In closing this trip report for good, I like to say that LV is always been good to me and the locals better! Places I recommend playing are the Westward Ho, Sam's Town, all of the Primm properties, and the Golden Nugget. For dining, the Rio's buffet was great, but the Voodoo Lounge/Cafe is the place of choice, and for a comfortable atmosphere to sample some great beers, lagers, and ales with your meal, you must try the Holy Cow! The staff at the Cow are great and the waitresses arenice on the eye. Well see ya on the next go around which will be very soon. Good luck to all.



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