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Oregon Casino

 Posted by anon on 6 October 1998, at 5:17 p.m.



I just found out about some promotions at an indian casino called the "Klamoya Casino" in someplace called Chiloquin, Oregon. It is just north of Klamath Falls. The first is for senior citizen day (every Tuesday) but it is incredible. If you sign up for their "senior member card" and display it at the table you are playing on, you get an extra dollar paid to you on every winning hand! With no limits on the amount of times you can win the extra dollar. Then they have a promotion between noon and 3pm and 6 to 9pm on Wednesdays called Joker's wild, where they put a single joker card in their 6 deck shoe, and if the joker appears in your hand you automatically win 2 to 1, and if it appears in the dealers hand the whole table wins even money. Then on Thursdays they really go nuts. Between 1 and 4 pm and then again between 7 and 10 pm if the dealer gets a same suit blackjack the table wins even money (instead of losing!) , and a suited 6-7-8 pays 5 to 1, and a suited 7-7-7 pays 10 to one! Has anyone ever played at this place?



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