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Trip Report Part 2--[sorry about Pt. 1 repeat]

 Posted by Barfarkel on 26 December 1998, at 2:41 a.m., in response to Trip Report, posted by Barfarkel on 26 December 1998, at 2:21 a.m.



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Re: Trip Report Part 2


Posted by Barfarkel on Saturday, 12 December 1998, at 5:03 p.m., in response to Trip Report, posted by Barfarkel on Saturday, 12 December 1998, at 1:12 p.m.


Woke up Sun. morn to heavy rain with a few snowflakes that melted instantly. Soon began snowing lightly, then heavily and for 2 hours, the area around Boulder hwy. looked like an Alpine snowstorm. They say it snows in LV every 4-5 years. Soon, my car was covered in white, and the neighborhood kids were making snowmen and having snowball fights [one of them nailed me good, but I got him back ]. Anyway, the sun came out around 10 am and by noon the snow had melted away with a few patches left on the ground and the resulting slush and mud which the kids tracked onto Stu's carpet. I checked into the Flamingo early afternoon and strolled thru the bj pits where I noticed on the tables the rule: Dealer must hit soft 17. I consulted the LV page of Wongs CBJN which I carry with me [ Dec. issue which should be current since I had downloaded it the previous Thurs [ Dec 3 ]. It said Flam. S17 all games. Talked to a floorman who told me they had switched last week. I said DD only, right? He sais no, it's H17 on all games including 6 deckers. Shaking my head sadly I wandered over to the IP where I sat at a DD $5 table [ Flamingo has only 2 DD tables $25 min, and 1 DD $100 min-- all the rest are shoes]. Played about 15 min. spreading 5-20, getting ahead by $75 on a $100 buy in. When they changed decks, i left with my first win of the trip. BTW, I use the Ita or Silver Fox count [ 2-7=+1, 8=0, 9,10,A=-1]. IP dealer gave approx 60-65% pen. Later that night I played at the DD table at Riviera where i only got about 50-55% pen, spreading 5-15 for 1/2 hour and won $45. I know the pen is lousy at the Riv., but it is one of those casinos where I've always had good luck and felt comfortable. Besides, it's right across the street from Slots-a-Fun, Circus and the Ho [more about them later]. Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure of Barfarkel--"Loose in Las Vegas"




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