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Trip Report Part 3

 Posted by Barfarkel on 26 December 1998, at 2:44 a.m., in response to Trip Report Part 2--[sorry about Pt. 1 repeat], posted by Barfarkel on 26 December 1998, at 2:41 a.m.





Re: Trip Report Part 3


Posted by Barfarkel on Saturday, 12 December 1998, at 6:24 p.m., in response to Re: Trip Report Part 2, posted by Barfarkel on Saturday, 12 December 1998, at 5:03 p.m.


Mon. morning Dec. 6th--walked to Bellagio where I found $5 and $10 DD tables in the pit by the poker room. Dealers and pit are friendly and make you feel comfortable. Played for an hour, spreading 5-15 and won $70 on $100 buy in with 70% pen. Good coffee at the B and they give you more than 1 pack of cigarettes per 24 hr period. Afternoon found me at Circus sd $5 table where I lost $65 in 1/2 hr. 50% pen as usual in all sd games I have played so far. That night I tried the DD at Boulder Station where I won $75 and got good 70% pen. Before I sat, I got a coupon book with the free Ace [$20 max at Boulder, $25 at Sunset]and waited for the deck to get rich. I got Ace, 7 vs. 6, doubled the $20 and won when the dealer busted. This sparked a comeback as i was down to my last $5 chip. After another morning session at Bellagio where I was down $100 then rallied to win it back and quit even, I tried the Stratosphere. I know, I know, but once again I like the joint. Spread 5-10 at DD but lousy cards resulted in a $75 loss-- and a show comp for Viva Las Vegas. Later that night, tried the DD at Sams Town [ usually go there expecting to play SD but those tables were crowded with cowboys], and , spreading 5-20 won $64-- getting @65% pen. Drove to Boulder Station, but never reached the tables. Met a gal and she ran off with me. Took her for a drink at Bellagio then to my room where she was impressed with the view of Caesars, Bellagio and Mirage from west window. Let her sleep in next morning while I paid my usual morning visit to the Bellagio DD pit [ the pit said they were going to issue me an employees time card so I can punch in each morning and go to work]. Played for an hour and, towards the end, the count got real juicy and I was parlaying up to $25 and $30. I got 3 or 4 blackjacks, several 20's and the dealer busted very conveniently. Colored out with a $175 win after being down $60 when thr streak started. Then I took her to lunch at Rainforest Cafe at MGM. Leaving MGM, waiting for car at valet, we meet WBC [ or WBA ] super middleweight champ Frankie Lyles who talks to us for a few. Nice guy. Then we head to the Stratosphere for a comped ride up the tower and afternoon show. Then we go to Gamblers Book Club for the Peter Griffin tribute which I posted to this site already. Anyway I played at Silver City [ won $50 ] Westward Ho [lost $10] where head up sd the dealer shuffled after 3 rounds....TO ONE PLAYER-- Pitstiff tried to tell me this is the way sd is dealt all over in LV. I said "Bullshit" and left. Anyway, summing up Ilost $85 in a poor pen DD game at the Trop with good rules, lost $65 at Sunset [ I lost the Ace coupon bet this time to a dealers blackjack], but finally forged ahead with my last session... a $65 win at Bellagio for a net trip win of $44. Ok, I know my spread could have been bigger and i could have played further into losses and i probably could have won more. On the other hand, this is the first time I have come out ahead on a weeks bj play. I was more selective in the games I played than in the past, logging only 13 1/2 hrs total as compared to my usual weekly total of 20-22 hrs. Anyway, I'm satisfied for now and i hope to get better and play with a bigger bankroll with more of an advantage [btw, I do convert to true counts and use 20-30 index numbers]. I'll return to LV in the spring. That's all for now, sports fans.



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