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Foxwoods New Rules

 Posted by Maddog on 21 October 1997, at 10:20 a.m.
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Effective 10/17/97, Foxwoods casino has adopted the following rules changes: Late surrender and resplits allowed upto four(4) hands. Tens and aces may be split only once (to two hands) and split aces receive only one card each. With this fact in mind I stopped for a brief session. Penetration on the eight deck tables is still down to one deck unseen and from 1 1/2 - 2 decks unseen on the six deck tables. After trying to back count and table hop at the eight deck tables with only moderate success due to crowded conditions, I decided to take a stab at the high limit six deck tables. I sat down at a $100 minimum table (where I often play) where two other players were already playing. I recognized one of the other players as a casual counter I had seen on various occassions and as the dealer was shuffling the counter asked for a "good" cut. The dealer (who turned out to be the relief dealer unfortunately) cutoff only one deck. The other player at the table turned out to be a less than average player who was stuck some serious money and was playing two hands of $200 - $300. The shoe went well for all of us and by the end of the shoe he was playing two hands of $800 - $1000 (although the count didn't come close to justifying that type of increase). At the start of the next shoe (also with a one deck cutoff) a real "whale" came to the table and played $1000 - $2500 ($2500 being the table max) per his one hand. The "whale" and the other player (still playing two hands of $800 - $1000) each had an unbelievable run of great cards and really cleaned up while the other counter and I held our own and actually won a little. Unfortunately, the regular dealer returned in the middle of the second shoe and was cutting about two decks out of the six. Things proceeded to go okay for the players at the table but when the relief dealer returned, he also cutoff two decks because of the floor persons undivided attention due to the "whale's" and the other players big play. I ended up playing at that table for a couple of hours and won $2800. It was great to be the little fish in the big pond with all the attention given elsewhere.



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