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 Posted by Harry Johnson on 19 February 1999, at 12:18 a.m.





MONDAY'S, Nobody that works for a living for a living likes Mondays. But let me talk about my weekend first. My weekend was somewhat exciting. I got to spend a lot of time during the morning at the casinos. I visited the Fiesta, Boulder Station, Boomtown, Charlies, and the Orleans. These casinos are all located off the strip. They cater to the locals and everytime their buffets seem to be larger and better. I tried all of them. During breakfast you typically see a bunch of single, old men having breakfast alone. I guess I'm included in this sorry bunch. We usally sit at the counter so were not alone. After a while you get to be known by the others, some even call you by name. "There's Harry the gambler. I see him in here all the time," one says. Old person #2 says, "oh ya, whats his game?". Old man #1 says, "He plays BlackJack, I see him in here playing hours on end. As a matter a fact I once sat at the same table with him, and what a lousy player, he hit a tweleve and took the dealer's bust card. We all would have won if he just would have stayed. But like an Idiot, he hit a twelve. I never hit twelve's!. Only ametures hit twelve's. As far as I'm concerned he's an Idiot. I'll bet we see him homeless and holding a sign begging for food. What a Jerk. I tried to point out his mistake and he wouldn't listen. He just got up and went to another table. I'll bet he messed them up as well".


At the lunch buffets you see the under paied construction workers, supermarket clerks, and welfare moms. All of them stuffing themselfs and their ziplock baggies. They put away more food than...well..a cow.


Dinner buffets are very crowded. there are long lines with a lot of foreigners that do nothing but complain. They complain about wait, about the price, and about the service. When it comes to the food they stuff themselves like lunch people. I know the 'mightiest' would brown list all buffets, so I have to. I'd rather go to the Red Lobster : no line, good food, and a waiter.


As for Mondays play let there be BlackJacks all around!.


Tonight, again I played at the Texas Station Casino. Barbara the counter was there but her table was so full I didn't get to play with her*. She's good, real good. Now maybe its me but I seem to sit at tables with the weirdest people. When I first sat down, the table empty. I was able to play one on one, which is refreshing because you dont have to wait around while some dope (ploppy)** tries to deciede if he/she should split a pair or 4's against the dealers 10 card. never split 4's period. (I know, I know, but lets move on for the story) I bough in for a $100 and played a $5 to $15 bet spred with an occasional two holes or $15. Soon I was joined by a high roller. He bet black chips and lost $2000 almost instantly. He moved on. then I got a person to the lert of me (I'm on second base) when he smiled he showed us that he had alot of cavities. He, too, went belly up in less than ten min. Then, in almost a rush for seats the table filled up. This time with nice people. They all had a sense of humor and soon we were all laughing and hanging each other. then Lady Luck turned. Soon every player had been cleaned out. Again, I was the only one left standing and alone at the table once more. I quit with a profit of $55. -----------------


*Come on guys! **Most pros call them ploppies. they take up space and give up their money so willingly. Perhaps I should be more courteous, without them there would be no money for the casino to give me.




TODAY'S WIN = $55 .......TOTAL = $887




Tonight, Wednsday, Thursday, and Friday I plan on taking off. The tables can call all they want and beckon for my play, but I'm not listening. I need my sleep. I was late to work this morning. WITHOUT MY JOB I NOTHING, JUST ANOTHER BUM WITH A STORY.



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