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Las Vegas Trip Report

 Posted by Bootlegger on 29 October 1997, at 9:43 a.m.



As some of you may know, I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas, so I thought I would post a few of the playing conditions I encountered there. I stayed at the Golden Nugget, but visited several casinos while I was there.


The Golden Nugget is offering a single deck game which allows resplitting of aces, dealer hits soft 17. Penetration varies from one dealer to the next. Red or light green action is tolerated without comment. I had one of those hands you wait for; my maximum bet was out and I was dealt a pair of aces with the dealer showing a four. I split the aces and drew another ace, so I resplit the ace. I then drew three paint cards for a perfect three hands. The dealer turned over his down card, and sure enough, it was a ten. My heartrate rose somewhat. Do I have to tell you the dealer's next card was a seven?


You can get a one on one game at the GN early in the morning between 2:00 am and 8:00 am fairly easily.


Fitzgerald's is also offering a decent single deck game for red chippers. Through the week, you can find a $3 game. I played with another fellow who was spreading from $5 to $100 with no problem. Again, penetration varies from dealer to dealer. One on one play or play with only a couple of others is easy to find here.


Binion's Horseshoe hasn't changed. Plenty of one deck games, lousy penetration, crowded tables.


I played the Sam's Town single-decker with a great deal of success, and it appears to me that a one to five spread with red will cause no problems. Through the week it is easy to find uncrowded tables.


Slots A Fun may be the only place in Las Vegas which offers a single decker which stands on soft 17. The ambiance isn't the greatest in the world, but the game is a good one for red chippers. I also noticed that they don't change the cards very often and you can find bent cards that can give you an all important hint at times.


Circus Circus now offers DAS in its one deck game. The penetration varies, and toking the dealer can help. It was the only place where I saw a visible reaction from the pit to a counter. I was playing at the same table with another counter who was spreading from ten to fifty. The dealer was shouting out checks play every time the guy put out two greens. After a few minutes of this, the pit boss game over and counted the discards, then the preferential shuffling began. I left the table. Ironically, two tables over, in the same pit, four counters were playing together with no sweat. In fact, the place was crawling with counters that night. If you play at CC, I would recommend going to one of the casino's upstairs. Its quieter and you have a better chance of finding a table with few or no players.


Stardust is offering a decent two-deck game which offers DAS and dealer stand on soft 17. Again, the penetration can vary.


Aladdin is still offering a two-deck game with outstanding rules and good penetration. Although it has gained a reputation of tolerating spreads that come in under $100, I know a counter who was backed off recently betting less that $100.


I also played the Four Queens two-decker, das, rsa, h17 game. At times I found excellent penetration, at one point to at least 90 cards, but it was spotty at best. There are better places to play downtown.





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