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Trip Reprot: Meskwaki, Near Des Moines

 Posted by Slack Jack on 23 February 1999, at 5:42 p.m.



Played Meskwaki on two ocassions in the last week and can report that it still offers a nice, beatable 6D shoe game.


What's decent is the pen: 1 deck cutoff, sometimes it's a slim deck. The dealers never cut off more than 52 cards, or if they do it's a real fluke.


Rules are so-so: Doa, Das, Rs4, but no surrender, of course, and they have the damn H17. But with the consistently good pen it makes it a much better game than Mystic Lake in the Twin Cities and a better game, in my opinion, than Treasure Island, even with their S17 (my sessions at Meskwaki I kept track of how often the H17 came into play: a total of three times in around five hours, and only once did it do the dealer any good. Give me the pen any day).


Tables are either $5, $10, or $25, all with max to $500. I use a 1-8 spread at red and have never seen any heat, me, green, or black chippers. Played with a black chipper for a while who was betting very heavy, going way up and down, and the pit was quietly laughing at him.


I think counters are the furthest things from their minds.


Meskwaki is about four hours south of the Twin Cities and one hour northeast of Des Moines. They have plenty of bj tables--around 24--but if I have any complaint it's that they usually seem to have just barely enough open (surprise). I didn't do well on this trip but have had great sessions graveyard and mornings.





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