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March 99 Las Vegas Trip Report

 Posted by Blue Nile on 7 March 1999, at 3:02 a.m.



I'll start off by saying that this weekend of 28th of February 99 was hell on wheels with traffic from the upcoming conventions(Magic Show). This will the last time I will ever come here again during a convention weekend. I started off by staying at the STARDUST which has a very good DD game. For a eighty minute session I managed to win $85 bucks and two comp meals and casino rate for the weekend. I was pissed however that the floor management wouldn't give me show tickets for Enter The Night. I played $25 and over and a few times played $100 two hands at a time(when conventions are in, black play didn't get me squat here). I'll give y'all the BJ conditions first and the LV news second. I arrived in LV on thursday night and the weather was great, leaving here in the Ohio valley(snowing) made me feel like a burden was lifted from my shoulders. Stopped at the WESTWARD HO to see if my luck was good, wrong, bad as always in this joint. SD game so with two players at the table I break even for the first thirty minutes before two new players sit down. Now I'm getting nothing but 13's & 16's, and it's like you get dealt one hand and shuffle and lose. I quit after losing about $115 in the next hour. Well for the next couple days I do what I do best, that is party. Friday night I do Hamiliton's at NYNY. Great lounge and jazz band, I smoke my favorite cigars here and comfort is again at hand. Saturday night is always the same reservation at the Voodoo Cafe(Lobster and Steak) is great as always. Night dancing in the Voodoo lounge(the bands sucks) so I leave after about twenty minutes. After some shopping and eating for the two days I'm ready to move downtown to the Golden Nugget.


I check-in and get unpacked in the South tower. I have to say that the rooms here look better than Treasure Island and The Mirage. I'm quite impressed with how the hotel has been kept up over the years. I do the room service sunday and watch a couple of pay-per-view flicks(Star Trek: Inserrection and Soldier. After a three hour nap and a shower I proceed to go downstairs for a little blackjack(another losing session of about $250). I register and play in Lady Luck's Fun 21 blackjack tournment. I played good and ended up a finalist. I losted on the last hand when the winner gets a blackjack on a seven-hundred dollar bet, I bet everything and come up eighty-five dollars short. The grand prize is $800 on a $25 buy-in. You play twenty minute sessions and get a warning for an additional five hands. Very nice tournament and I will play it again. It's hard to tell you everything I get into in just a few hours and there are some things I can't tell(adult content). I'll close here for now, but before I do let me just say this, the one hotel and the most blatant excuse for waste that I seen was at the Desert Inn. I went there one morning(monday the 1st) and there was only two people in the whole casino playing craps, I laughed to myself and sat down at the main bar and ordered some coffee. I noticed a lot of corporate boneheads acting like their xxxx don't stink. I spoked to the bartender(female and cute) and she was telling me how business sucked and the only people you get are the ones who play golf and gamble just for something to do. The real players the DI has scared away. Damn shame because I thought this was a great hotel and was planning to stay there next Labor Day weekend. I'll conclude this trip report tommorrow night. BLUE NILE



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