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Re: March 99 Las Vegas Trip Report

 Posted by Blue Nile on 8 March 1999, at 12:18 a.m., in response to March 99 Las Vegas Trip Report, posted by Blue Nile on 7 March 1999, at 3:02 a.m.



I always seem to whine about not winning at the WESTWARD HO casino, but after thinking about it and talking about it with a friend of mine, I always seem to go back playing there. I haven't always done bad there, it just seems to me I what to win when I first get to LV that I probably get disappointed on that first loss. Before playing that BJ tournament(FUN 21)at Lady Luck(registration at 2 p.m. and first round starts at four), I however choose to start play at 6 p.m. I figured that if I losted that round($25 buy-in, I wouldn't play again). If I can't win with the initial buy-in, I don't deserve to win at all. I played a little earlier that morning at WESTWARD HO and Slots-Of-Fun, buying in at $100 and playing $10 a hand. Both places I did managed to win a total of $115 bucks, before heading back downtown. Another place I spend thirty minutes in was Fitzgerald's. Quite frankly these dark casinos scare me a little. Can't see what's crawling up your leg even in board daylight. There was only one other player there at the BJ table so I sat down there. Seems he was a local and knew the dealer(middle aged oriental lady) who was quite nice. Noticing that her name tag said that she was from Seoul Korea, I struck up a conversation on how I enjoyed my stay in Taegu Korea back in the late 80's(Air Force). I toked her every three hands won to one losted. I never losted more than two hands in a row and never bet more than $15 bucks a hand. Decent 60-70 pen. on SD and I believe this was due to the lack of players(b-4 6 a.m., because McDonalds wasn't opened yet when I first when in). After going back and forth, I only managed to win about $15 backs and decided to call it quits. I was going to use this morning as a photo shoot(March 2nd, Mandalay Bay's grand opening). Rode the CAT($1.50) all the way from Fremont St. to just pass Mandalay Bay. Figured the walk would do me good, plus I wanted some photos from the south side of the hotel during the day. Shot about two rows and decided to hold my last three rows for tonight. Needless to say that the Grand opening was nice and festive. I had recently changed my mind about staying there however and had to wait until 11 p.m. to see the inside. It is a beautiful casino, but it isn't in class to what the Bellagio is. The Bellagio has the most comfortable leather chairs in their sportsbook that I've ever sat my big ass in. The Manhattans are served in large Martini glasses and everything is great except the prices of their cigars. OPUS X are going at a rate of $69 each for the ROBUSTO no.4 to $89 for the Speciale. I buy these locally at $12.50 to $14.75 each. I guess that is why I usually tavel with my own stash. Prop 10 in California is really dogging the cigar smokers with a 70% tax. Hopefully this won't be spreading to the east. Well enough of that! Can't think of any where else I played for conditions so I'll close here. I do have some LV beenies I could pass on if anyone is interested. Like a Funbook from Lady Luck which I didn't have a chance to use(expires in Jul 99). BLUE NILE.



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