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AC Visit

 Posted by Grifter on 14 March 1999, at 5:44 p.m.



Gentlemen -


This past week I put in 20hrs (approx) in AC... I have been in NJ on extended business or it would be LAST place on my list.


Notwithstanding, I limited my play to Resorts, Bally's, WWest, and by accident (Bally's was out of rooms w/o res.) Claridge.


By AC standards pene% was decent at all of the above. And all of the above posted and enforced "no mid-shoe" only at the $25+ tables. Twice when I feined oblivion to the mid-entry sign a sole player wishing another participant declared he/she "was leaving" in order to induce a shuffle and allow me to play... in both casinos when this happened I inquired why this rule to which the PC explained it to be for the "players' protection." Each time when I was ready to depart the table I inquired (with a smile) of the PC "is mid-shoe exit prohibitted as well?"


I personally played several hours at Claridge, "reverse-wonging" @ TC -1 (Zen), with no heat whatsoever playing mostly the low-limit 8d tables - I do have a good outgoing act, however.


I really liked the Claridge because it was smaller and quieter than the bedlam I had observed around town. The surrendar made it more palatable as well... and my biggest session win of the trip was at the multi-action table where I really let it "all hang out" for 3hrs, spreading from 2x$5 to 6x$50 - I am beginning to appreciate the multi-action game and I believe that the PCs are much less able to recognize a large spread at these new-fangled games.


A great oppty arose at Bally's - a non-counter suddenly appeared at my table during a moderate +count and placed a $150 bet then didn't double on his 11v5. He won the hand and I silently vowed to "partner" with him if it happened again... sure enough, the next hand he caught 10v6 and I immediately propositioned him - we won and he happy / me happy! Partnering on ddowns is easier and more profitable than most good players realize - average players are often happy to "spread the risk."


regards, Grifter




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