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he could be right...

 Posted by gehrig on 18 March 1999, at 2:02 p.m., in response to Ace Spills the Beans!, posted by Grifter on 15 March 1999, at 7:46 a.m.



'bout those card patterns. i'd likely give up my mint, slots-o-fun coupon book for an angle to predict big hands. seems i never have enough cash on the altar when i get a snapper; then again, i always have too much loot out when the dealer gets a 20 against my 19. and then there's those counter jerks sitting on third base that always take the dealer's bust card. lotsa times they bust out, hitting their stiffs agains a dealer ten. if they were sharp and knew the flow of the cards, they'd know when the dealer had a peewee card under that ten.


does you system involve eye drops like ray milland whipped up in "the man with x-ray vision" ?



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