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Monte Carlo in Las Vegas

 Posted by Bootlegger on 28 December 1997, at 6:43 p.m.



I just returned from a short Las Vegas trip. While I played at several casinos, I found the most interesting game to be the face-up double decker at the Monte Carlo. It offers S17 and late surrender, but no DAS. It is a good game, with generally good penetration (depending on the dealer). One of the dealer's I had told me she witnessed a barring for the first time in her experience at that casino recently. She said that the player who was barred was spreading $100 to $2000. I suspect that a less aggressive bet spread would be tolerated well at this casino.


Interestingly, another dealer told me that she believed the face-up double deck game was introduced to discourage counters. I'm not sure how that would work, except for the fact that they deal this game lightning fast. That was fine by me, since it meant more hands per hour, but a new counter may find it difficult.



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