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 Posted by gehrig on 1 April 1999, at 7:09 a.m.



continental closed early last night; didn't stay open until midnight. "gaming" entered at 8:30pm.


contrary to popular opinion, i find the mandalay games less than satisfactory...mostly do to crowded tables. i've visited ther 3-4 times, including grave on opening day which had all tables mostly full. and, i haven't played bellagio for similar reasons, though i've only been at bellagio during buffet hours. grave should be better. lately, i prefer at least a half dozen other joints, no, counting them up on the digits, say at least ten. that mandalay is not as busy as they had forecast (and hired), this week they let go 400 employees. cool move was that those fired, were made aware of it when they tried to "punch in" with their id card.




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