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Lake Tahoe Trip

 Posted by John Jay on 17 February 1998, at 11:20 a.m.



My Wife & I had great fun at Lake Tahoe invited for the Smokey Robinson Valentine Weekend. Beautiful drive (chains required near Echo Summit) with gorgeous scenery and plenty of white stuff all over. Full house; Smokey was excellent and the ladies in attendance went crazy... good msic, romantic and from every fiber of Smokey.


Played BJ at 1D, 2D and 6D (shoe) as over three days in 5 widely spaced sessions as follows:


S#1; Dur. 3/4 hr; Bnkrl 40 Units; Gain +16; PC Gain +40 S#2; Dur. 1 1/2; Bnkrl 40 Units; Gain +16; PC Gain +40 S#3; Dur. 2 1/2; Bnkrl 112 Units; Gain +8; PC Gain +7 S#4; Dur. 3/4 hr; Bnkrl 40 Units; Gain +8; PC Gain +20 S#5; Dur. 1/4 hr; Bnkrl 6 Units; Gain +6; PC Gain +100


Overal gaming activity and results evaluation: 1. Tot. Cap. 238 Units 2. Tot. Return +54 Units; 3. Return on Cap. +22.68%; 4. Win(Loss) Rate +9.39 Units per hour; 5. Bet sizes used 1 to 8 Units and in between; 6. Progression systems used at random (1-2-3 & 1-2); 7. No counting system used.


Personal performance evaluation: 1. Money Management 90%; 2. Discipline/Self-control 70%; 3. Flexibility 90%; 4. Relaxation level 80%; 5. Beverage intake: bottled water & cranberry juice; 6. Attitude: cautiously optimistic and guarded vigilance; 7. Pattern and trend awareness 90%


For spiritual and morale buildup, listened to "Creating Affluence" audio by Chopra and read sections from "Inside My Life" book (a gift given by the host Casino) by Smokey Robinson.


We had a great valentine weekend!


I you have any questions, comments or suggestions, let me know.



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