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Beau Rivage : I will file formal complaint

 Posted by Factor X on 21 April 1999, at 1:44 a.m.



On April 19, 1999, at the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi,

I was shortchanged at one of the tables by one of the blackjack
dealers. The dealer "colored me up". I gave her what I thought was
$310.00. She gave me back $160.00. Surveillance determined that
I was , indeed, underpayed. But they determined that I was
underpayed $100.00 and not $150.00. I bought in for $300.00 and
cashed out for $310.00. The Beau Rivage would not make good on
the other $50.00. I was told by the pit boss that I could look
at the tape. This surprised me because I did not know that
was permitted. I was later told that I could not look at the
tape because the mistake was less than $500.00. Had it been for
$500.00 or more I would be permitted to review the tape. This
also surprised me! After about an hour and or so after the incident
I left the casino. There were no Mississippi Gaming Commission
personnel anywhere on the premises. I had to call a toll free
number and speak with an agent who I will be filing a complaint

I have played casino blackjack for about 25 years and am a

winning player but I am not a professional so I have no
fear of getting into it with Mirage Resorts Inc. which owns
the property.

The lower level casino personnel were gracious enough but no

higher ups bothered to come over to the pit and resolve the
dispute amicably. I was told that the "big boss" was on his
way to the pit but he never showed. It also took a great deal
of time before surveillance got back with a decision. As soon
as I receive the proper forms from the Mississippi Gaming
Commission I will be filing a formal complaint with them.

Overall, I like gambling in Biloxi. However, many of the

dealers come from the local area and are not as sharp as
dealers that I have played against in other areas of the
country. They make frequent errors in counting up the
total of their hands and , especially, the hands of the players.
So , be careful!



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