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Beau Rivage Admits to Double Error During Color Up

 Posted by Factor X on 22 April 1999, at 3:19 p.m.



On April 19th, I was shortchanged during the color-up at the Beau

Rivage in Biloxi , a Mirage Resorts Inc. property. I bought in
for $300.00 and and cashed out for $310.00. The dealer returned
only $160.00 to me. The pit boss was called over and surveillance
was notified. Surveillance, indeed, determined that I was
shortchanged. But they said I was shortchanged for only $100.00
I held my ground and told them that I still needed another $50.00.
They said they would check the tape a second time. After about
45 minutes of waiting around total, they said that I was incorrect
and that I was not owed anything more.

I complained to corporate and told them I would be filing a complaint

with the Mississippi Gaming Commission. An interim manager at
the Beau Rivage got back to me and I explained what had happened.
He said that he would personally review the tape. Earlier today
he called me and told me that I was correct. They had
shorted me an additional $45.00. I still maintain that it was
for $50.00 but $45.00 is close enough.

When I turned in my chips, $310.00 total, the dealer the dealer

instantly returned $55.00 of it to me. She then went to color
up my additional $255.00 consisting of 8 greens 10 reds and 5
silver. She then pushed over to me $105.00 total. She made 2 errors.
She gave me one black for the 8 green and did not give me anything
for the 10 red thinking that she had already paid me when she
pushed back the $55.00(2 greens and a red) in my direction. Do
not ask me why she did it that way. Beau Rivage did compensate
me one additional black chip on the premises. They will now
be sending a check for the $45.00 additional error that they
originally said did not occur. So I am short $5.00 and a lot
of time. I have never encountered so much bean-counting in
25 years of casino gambling!



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