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fun fun fun in fabulous las vegas

 Posted by lando on 2 March 1998, at 8:54 p.m.



Just got back from a Day/night trip to Las Vegas it was the prototype perfect weekend BJ, Girls and FUN not necessarily in that order. Started at Caesars needed to get one of those golden medallions from Nefertiti (they are babe magnets). Caesar tries to make you play "Caesars Slots" to win one, it's a total rip off but like most things in Vegas easily scammed. All you have to do is put money in the machine and cash out it looks like you've won, yell Hail Caesar! really loud and Nefertiti will bring you your ill gotten bootie. Get three or four of them to give to chicks later in the eve.


Next stop Casino Royal. I just like to play craps for a little while and yell Casino Royal! in an obnoxious Jerry Lewis "Hey lady" voice everytime I throw the dice. It hurts to play a negative expectation game but it's worth it for the fun value. The reaction of the pit and other patrons ranges from uproarious laughter to violent aggression.


Next stop Riviera to take as many free spins as possible on the "worlds looosest slot" (I thought that was madonna?) and to pick up tons of free coupon books and decks of cards. The coupon books 5/7 'pons make the neg expectation games alot more fun. I was playing craps and yelling craps.(dot)com everytime I threw the dice and pissing everybody off. I like to bet black on the roullette wheel and after winning yell "once you go black, you never go back". The card decks are fun to throw. If five or six people throw them from high up against the side of a casino hotel they rain down like snow on the people below it looks cool and freaks the people out.


Next stop CircusX2 for some serious BJ. I play what is now know as the T-Hop plus 1(I think), its KO w/a-2 side (worlds best count IMHO). Pen was OK rules were good spread from 15 (opposition betting) to two hands of 50 with no apparent heat. Won $80 in three hours (oh well at least I didn't lose $80.) Uh Oh almost midnight need to get to the Hard Rock in a hurry to scam at ground zero of the of the nuclear babe blast.


Hard Rock was CRAAAAZZZYYY as usual, met mad babes by pretending to read their palms, or see their fortunes in my medallion. Traded medallions for invites to three "back at my room" private parties which were hittin'. Got a little nookie a couple #s and a serious hangover. VIVA LAS VEGAS!



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