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Re: Spring Trip Report [long] Part 3

 Posted by Barfarkel on 26 April 1999, at 9:47 p.m., in response to Re: Spring Trip Report [long] Part 2, posted by Barfarkel on 25 April 1999, at 9:33 p.m.



ng] Part 2, posted by Barfarkel on 23 Apr 1999, 10:02 pm


After my $65 win at Silverton, I was still down $570 for the trip [half over]. Returning to my hotel, I had a message from Grifter, a BJ poster whom I had communicated with online and in chats several times but never met in person, and we arranged to meet for dinner. Grif arranged a coffee shop comp at Treasure Island and I ordered a shrimp cocktail for starters and the barbequed lamb chops for the main course [delicious] while Grif had a salad and shrimp sandwich. Then we went to the Monte Carlo where I saw the Lance Burton show. Grifter didn't want to see the show because he wanted to save it for his girlfriend who would arrive later that week. He played BJ at one of the 2 DD tables [$25 min at this time of night] and you could tell Grif had been counting and playing BJ for many years. What a great act. He was outgoing and chatty, making provocative and intelligent pronouncements that instantly involved the pit and other players. You can't ignore a guy like that, and his statements were funny and true. You'd need a sharp pit indeed to suspect this guy of counting. He was the antithesis of the standard silent intense counter. He was spreading from one hand of $25 to 2 hands of $50.

When I came out from the Burton show, Grifter had left, as he said he might, and I headed for Circus. I played the Skyline casino this time, thanks to advice from Coffee. See, I like the sd games in the main [front] pit at Circus, but never have very good results there. I wandered thru the front pits and the west pit before finding a sd table with only one other player [playing 2 hands]. Bought in for $100 and we were getting good pen, better than rule of 6, even when a third player joined us. When 2 talkative older ladies sat down, I knew it was time to leave, ahead by $15. Walked thru Slots A Fun, but the tables were too crowded, so went across the street to the Riv and sat at a $5 DD table where lousy cards for an hour resulted in a $60 loss, spreading $5 to $20 with 3 other players, then 2, then 3, etc. Got a coffee shop comp which I saved, ate a hot dog at Slots [more like a cold dog] and quit for the night. So far I was -$615 for the trip.
Next morning found me at my favorite DD pit, the $10 [mornings only] at Bellagio where I continued to get 70% pen and won $80 after 90 minutes, spreading $5-$25. My favorite pit gal [no names] had my buffet comp for one already written out and gave it to me without my asking, as I colored up. Then I went out to lunch with my buddy Stu and his wife Lynette in Henderson. When they went back to work, I headed for the Reserve. Sat at the $10 sd table, buying in for $200 and played for an hour getting good pen [3rds/4 and 4rds/3] but lousy stiffs and dealers magical draws resulted in a $200 loss. xxxx. Now I really felt lousy, having won $80 that morning and feeling like I was coming back, and now this setback meant that I was -$735 for the trip. I went back to the room and had a nap and a shower.
Called Grifter who said he'd meet me inside the showroom at the Luxor for the Lasting Impressions with Bill Acosta show. Bill does singing impressions, like Danny Gans, and he's very good. The show features dancing showgirls, which I'm a sucker for, but the best part was the long tap dancing segment. I love tap dancing and this was some of the best, most updated and modern routines I've seen in a while. The show is a bargain at $25, and it gets Barfy's recommendation and seal of approval.
On the way out of the Luxor, Grifter played 10 minutes at one of the 2 DD tables [$25 min] at Luxor. Pen was 50% and the pit was very interested in Grif. He won $200 and we left for the Bellagio quickly.
"Sorry, the buffet closes at 10 pm" the Bellagio hostess told us at 10:15 pm. So, we went to the DD pit where a pitboss changed my comp from buffet to Cafe Bellagio. When I asked if he could make it for 2, he barked "Why not 5?" and turned his back to write it out. We cracked up. So, red chipper that I am, I was able to return last nights TI comp favor to Grif.
Cafe Bellagio is beautiful. We each had some exotic drinks. I had the filet mignon and shrimp remoulade, while Grifter had another type of fish sandwich with his trademark Louisiana hot pepper sauce. Hot fudge sundae for me for dessert [So, I'll just have to swim more laps when I get home...I'm on vacation, so leave me alone...].
Grif wanted to play some DD at Bellagio. I just watched and practiced backcounting adjoining tables while he went in for almost $800 before winning half of it back. We headed north on the strip in my car, windows down, an old Sinatra tape playing as the lights of the boulevard reflected on the windshield. Stopped at Silver City to check out the sd game. Too crowded. Back in the car, we wound up downtown at Lady Luck at 2 am and sat at the sd table [$10 min]. Here we saw some of the best pen yet, as we [and one other player] consistently got 4 rds/3, over 75%!! I spread $10-$40 while Grif went as high as $25 to $150. With the pit looking on, Grifter kept up a running patter, complaining that I was getting all of his blackjacks and threatening to switch seats to third base to offset this condition. I was winning @ $150 while he was losing and kept going in pocket for more. After 2 hours, Grif had come all the way back for a win of a few hundred while I had managed a $100 win. Still down $635 for the week, but I felt better about my abilities. And I was learning a lot of nice little tricks from Grif.

Tune in tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion of our serial as Barfy and Grif invade downtown Las Vegas....






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