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dealer errors

 Posted by Cyclops on 3 May 1999, at 10:06 a.m., in response to Re: while the "incident" is still fresh..., posted by Factor X on 21 April 1999, at 11:30 p.m.



Perhaps it is just a case of selective momry, but I also play in the south, and as a rule watch the dealers more closely than elsewhere.

As Gehrig said, it sometimes seems like the south is short on experienced pit personel. A fact which can sometimes work both ways.
Not long ago, I played against a dealer on his 2nd day ever to deal. The pit seemed asleep and no one was watching him.
I had a max bet out in a high count and got a natural. Pleasantly surprised, I pulled my win back, but left my original bet out. The dealer accidently left my cards out on the table. Everyone else played out their hands, and the dealer busted. As he went around the table paying everyone else, he paid me again! When he did, I sort of jumped, almost giving away my surprise.I played a little while longer and then left during a low count and went to another casino.
I've been over-paid before, but never at 3/2 on a max bet, although some others here my have had even better errors in their favor.
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