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Green Chip "Rat Pack" has lunch in LV

 Posted by Barfarkel on 3 May 1999, at 2:29 p.m.



Last Saturday, a number of us GCers got together for a luncheon at one of those touristy "theme" restaurants in Las Vegas. We had arranged to meet thru chat rooms and emails between all those who would be in LV at the time. We had 12 show up, including 2 of the wives. Present were Arthur Dent, Beginner, Coffee, Turtle, Hondo and me. Two other local players whose handles would be instantly recognizable to you, asked me to withhold their names from this list. Two others brought friends.

But the big news is that Stanford Wong himself showed up, with one of his CBJN reporters in tow. Everyone was totally surprised and elated, as no one but me even knew he had been invited. I sat across from SW as lunch was ordered, tales were swapped, advice was given and info on good current LV blackjack games was shared. If we are the GC "Rat Pack", then SW is definitely "The Chairman of the Board". I couldn't believe I was actually saying things like, "Hondo, have you met Stanford Wong?" or "SW, say hello to Coffee-one of your Green Chippers" You should have seen their faces.
Afterwards we all stood outside in groups talking and exchanging phone numbers and other info. Hondo gave some of us an out of print chart from Snyder's "The Blackjack Formula" that allows you to evaluate and rate BJ games as to whether they are worth playing. It is much easier than calculating Schlesinger's SCORE, with or without BJRM.
All in all, everyone agreed the lunch was an excellent occasion, made more special by the appearance of SW. Some of the Rat Packers had security concerns before confirming that they would attend. I tried to reassure them beforehand by arranging an isolated table in the periphery of the restaurant. The whole idea was to blend in with the tourists, make the reservation under a fake name and "hide in plain sight". It seemed to work very well and I've heard no reports of any being barred by association.
Allright. Now, who is gonna be in LV in August? We're going to do it again....







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