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Re: cover, what kind of cover (no BJ)

 Posted by Cyclops on 7 May 1999, at 8:18 a.m., in response to cover, what kind of cover..., posted by gehrig on 6 May 1999, at 10:31 a.m.



Sorry to burst your comedy bubble Gehrig, (although I DO usually enjoy your wit) but we already did an entire thread on that when i was over at BJ.21!

I can't remember who all the participants were, but a lot of the regular posters rung in with some pretty funny and original comments about trying to hide my one eyedness. Your own crotchety brand of usually dry humor would have made it even the better.
I did a response post or two as well.
One was simply the heading:

Take care,

the highly disguised

P.S. Although I only need 1 hole in the paper bag, I put 2 in it for better camouflage.



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