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Reply and shameless groveling

 Posted by lando on 10 March 1998, at 10:31 p.m., in response to Re: fun fun fun in fabulous las vegas, posted by Cobra on 7 March 1998, at 7:25 p.m.



The Hard Rock empties out by 2am, like to get in a good 2hrs of carousing. Try to find "back at my room" get togethers for possible action. "The Beach" is also a good place to try to meet girls. It helps if you can dance.


Go to where the casino meets the Forum shops at Caesars. Look for some dork dressed like Caeser at the top of the hour. Tell him you want to play "Caesars Slots". He will yell out to the people that "Caesars Slots" are about begin. In the madness use my scam get as many medallions as possible.


Opposition betting is a way to hide your progression. What you do is instead of spreading say $25-100, with 25 as your opening bet. You vary your opening bet from $5 to $50 so that you average $25 and dont look like a counter. If you play at a busy casino you can spread your bets any way you like.


Thanks for the compliment, tell us about your trip. (any other compliments out there, please someone tell me I'm the Gen-X Kenny Uston)



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