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 Posted by BLUE NILE on 21 June 1999, at 3:52 a.m., in response to LV JUNE 99 TRIP REPORT, posted by BLUE NILE on 20 June 1999, at 2:12 a.m.



If you're renting a car, the the Stratosphere Tower isn't a bad place to stay. I however don't recommend walking into the evening hours down the strip. To much of a bad element at this part of the strip and the local police are busy cleaning it up. Access to all the gaming activities are easy because it seems that they can't attract enough people. The Las Vegas Hilton has one of the best attractions in town, The Star Trek Experience. The entrance fee if $14.95($9.95 for locals) and is well worth it. You start by seeing all the memorabilia from past years to new stuff, then the ride itself is a assualt on the senses. To top it off with a brief stop in the gift shop for a few purchases then on to Quark's Bar for lunch. Great food and drinks!! Thew Warpcore Breach is nectar from the gods. WARNING, it will put you on your ass!!. Obtained enough freebies on this trip to probably enjoy on my next time out, which will probably be in August or September this year.


Well in part 1 I referred to The Mandalay Bay as a partying place, late night in the lounges there were hopping hot and heavy until closing time around 3 a.m. But let me tell you about the food in Raffles Cafe. Don't let the name fool you, this is a classy joint. My play earned me a comp for two meals totaling $100. For starters I ordered the Crab cakes for $11.75(4) each, which were served over sweet corn and shredded carrots with a sauce for the senses. Also we had the Baker Potato soup for $4.00(2) each which was garnished with paprika and chives. Then came the main course, a 20 oz. prime porterhouse steak that could cough the cow they got it from. It was served with a coice of sides(french fries and fresh brocolli was mine) for $32.00. The wife and kids had the filet mignon for $28 bucks each. Every thing was served in large portions and none of us could finish our entire meal. We sat down for a early brunch around 11:30 am because we knew that bypassing breakfast we could enjoy this feast better. We didn't eat again until 7 pm and that was for salads. The total cost of Raffles Cafe was $171 and another $29 for tip(take away the comp for $100)still leaves $100 for four. This trip I wanted to give my family the full hit on dining wherever and having the best we could find.


That leaves us with Steven Spielberg's The Dive. Great atmosphere for the later evening stroll to view the pirates at Treasure Island and The Mirage's volcano. Not to expensive and the menu contained a wide variety of sandwiches. Good service with happier staff and just a fun time. Totaling the trip is easy when you consider that purchasing our airfare early probably saved us over three hundred bucks and a free day rental(National coupon)came in handy. I still managed to get players cards in Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Harrahs, and Four Queens. I was told that I could expect some news from at least three casinos in the next month or so about a comped stay, so I getting that airfare back out to and planning my next trip already(by myself if I can help it). BLUE NILE



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