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Trip Report Day 2

 Posted by opus on 26 June 1999, at 11:42 a.m.



Blue Nile, I stayed at The Stratosphere. I can't believe you were there, I'm sure we played together a little.

I started day2 early, I played some video poker, deuces, lost another 30. On to blackjack, 2D, another rollercoaster, up and down several times. This was a long session, hour and a half, no heat. Heads up play, lousy pen, I finnished up $130 playing 10-30. I'll take it. Back some video poker, half hour, pissed away another $50, why? 2D game heads up again, lost 100(1-5, $10). No good counts, lots of 16,15, I hate it. I took a little break and waited for day shift. A single deck game just killed me. Many good counts, but I lost all my max bets. 1-4, $10, didn't raise any eyebrows. The dealer was very sympathetic, believe it or not, 6 rounds head on. I can't take advantAGE, DAMMIT. I tried a 2D game with two others, started off good. I'm playing $10 units now, I've been losing. Late in a pos. pack I put out a max bet, $75. I get a ten, dealer gets a ten. The TC is +7, I double. As I put my chips out the other player snickers. I know I'm right so I just snicker back. Dealer gets a ten, I'm sweating. The other player gets 10,10 and busts. Now I'm really swaeting. He gives me card down and I never peak, I love the suspense



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