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Re: Reply and shameless groveling

 Posted by Cobra on 11 March 1998, at 2:02 a.m., in response to Reply and shameless groveling, posted by lando on 10 March 1998, at 10:31 p.m.



I've met the dork dressed like Caesar. On my last trip to Vegas I saw the guy and was'nt watching too closely where I was going and -no bull%$#*- I stepped right on the guys achillies! Here's a guy with huge muscles totally decked out in (fake) armor and I really(It was an accident) hurt him by stepping on his one weak point. I was like "sorry!" and he was wincing bad saying "God, oooh, umph". I think the irony of the situation is intense. I can't remember my Greek Mythology too well from school but is'nt that where the term achillies heel came from? Achillies was dipped in something that made him impervious to injury but his one weak point were his heels that were being held as he was being dipped. Now I step on the big guy with the armor and he is hurtin. IRONY! Guess I should mention again it was an accident and I"m sorry. I don't much like gettin my achillies trampled on either.


So anyway, I take it some chick walks around with those medallions and is looking for winners to pass em too right? So I just act REAL happy as I cash out from a slot . Caesars owes me anyhow, my blackjack fortunes there have been crappy. I even played there 20 dollar promotion for new slot club members and got my ass kicked in despite a big edge.


One thing on opposition betting, would'nt betting in this fashion increase your spread so dramatically that it causes more suspicion than it removes?



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