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Argosy Riverboat Trip Report

 Posted by BLUE NILE on 27 June 1999, at 5:50 a.m.



Well after a excellent trip out to LV, I waited for four days before going down to the big boat in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. On but first let me say that I didn't buy the Lexus SC300, I settled for a nice but cheaper Mercedes 190E(LV profits to help) which I promptly drove to the boat in. The Supra is in the garage for awhile. I take the 7 pm cruise and decide to play a little Caribbean Stud first(Jackpot @ $53,800), brought in for $200 and losted $85 after about 10 hands so I quit and walk the floor. Its really crowded and I haven't been around the boat with this many people before because I take the earlier cruises. Win about $40 bucks back on the slots and decide to jump-in on a game downstairs on the lower deck after feeling nervous upstairs. Something didn't feel right and I only buy-in for $100. I'm playing an a $10 table with three only players. On the initial first three hands I bet $25-$15-$10 and win all three. I then increase my betting only in $5 increments during the next 10 minutes. After the first shoe I'm up $85 bucks, so coming out I increase my bets to $15 starting out and increase $10 on a win and go back to $15 after a loss. After the second shoe, I'm up appr. $185 bucks, so I increase my bets to $20 a hand and increment by $10 after a win. The cards were really hitting and I double down on any two cards under 10 when the dealer's up card is 3 to 6. Luck is better than good tonight, because two out of three next hands I catch an ACE and 2(double/7 for twenty) and a 6 with a 2(double/paint for eighteen) and win both hands with bets from $35 to $55. Maded appr. $455 bucks in about 2 hours tonight. Opinion is that this game here at night is very attackable. Floor personnel are understaffed and over worked late cruises and didn't pay particular attention to some players running black action on a $10 table. The middle level is always crowded and when I got off the boat around 9:30 pm, it was more crowded than ever. This was on a thursday night and I have to believe that it's worst on friday. This fourth of July weekend I know it's going to be hard and heavy with chuckle-heads. I noticed that the middle level had a lot of black chip players and the casino had a couple more $50 table than they usually keep during the earlier cruises. I've decided that I will only go from here on at the later cruises than in the morning hours from this point on. Maybe I'll see y'all on the boat this weekend for some bj. BLUE NILE



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