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Re: Argosy Riverboat Trip Report

 Posted by BLUE NILE on 3 July 1999, at 9:09 p.m., in response to Re: Argosy Riverboat Trip Report, posted by one Deck on 3 July 1999, at 3:38 p.m.



Did go friday evening, I stunk up the place. Played C. Stud for about ten hands and quit after getting one pair one hand and two the other in which the dealer beat me both times. Well down about $165 in about twenty minutes, I then managed to lose about $85 on Roulette. Deciding to venture over to the craps table and lose $65 in about ten minutes. Then I decided to play the slots and my luck got better, I won aa whole $5 bucks in ten minutes. Then I maded the biggest mistake of trying the $25 table at BJ. I didn't win a hand for I swear about 12 minutes(about nine hands in a row, double down twice at $75 a hand coming out and losted with a total of twenty). Down about $400 at BJ , I thought I would try another table. Guess what I losted there two, winning about three out of fifteen to sixteen hands. Disgusted and broke for the night I decided to stop by SPANKY's on the way back home for a little night life to pick up my spirits, some drunk chick spilled her drink on one of my new baseball jersey($90) which really pissed me off. I already had losted an easy $1200 at that STUPID boat now I got a Long Island Ice Tea down my shirt. Drove home disgusted and sworn never to return. At least for about three months or so. BLUE NILE



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