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Trip Report Part 1 [long]

 Posted by Barfarkel on 17 July 1999, at 2:04 a.m.




My summer Las Vegas pilgrimage began with a wonderful situation that I couldn't take advantage of. My first stop at 3:30 am Sat morning was the Reserve where I had a heads up game at the $10 sd table with @ 65% pen [I didn't count the rounds]. I was down from the start and spent the rest of the hour trying and finally getting even. Used only a $10-$30 spread and felt no heat.


After being away from live casino BJ for months, I use my first few sessions to rewet my feet and get acclimated to the rhythm and flow of the game. That's why my initial spreads are rather small.


After a few hours of shuteye at my buddy Stu's house, I stopped en route to the Rat Pack lunch at Barley's in Henderson because of the good report in CBJN. Sadly, the report was outdated as I found only 55% pen on their DD game. I played for a half hour, winning $20.


I use the Silver Fox [Ita] count; a balanced level one with TC conversion and 40-50 indices. 2-7 = +1; 8 = 0; 9, 10 and Aces are -1. BC= .96; PE= .54 and IE= .69. It's similar to Hi-Lo but I find it easier to count the 7's and 9's rather than to ignore them.


At the Rat Pack lunch I split a pepperoni pizza with Skipjumper which was too large so the other Ratsters helped us finish it. Hooked up with Grifter afterwards whom I hung out with for a few days last trip in April. At the lunch Stanford was impressed by Grifter's wild stories, calling him an interesting character. I think SW was also particularly taken by Aunt Math Lady, our first female Rat Packer. She's a pro player who, I believe, makes most of her money from the

game and plays at the green-low black level. From what I've heard she had a successful trip. Other attendees included McBain, Double21 and [one of the many] Traveler[s]. I posted a separate report on the lunch on BJ21.com Vegas Green, and also on RGE21.com Whitebelt message board pages entitled "Rat Pack has lunch in LV"

That night, after a comped buffet for 2, Grifter and I played for an hour at Reserve's sd $10 table. We were getting 4-5 rounds to the 2 of us until a local player plopped into 1st base and started playing 2 hands, resulting in only 2 rounds to 4. Grif tried every strategem to dislodge this interloper. First he tried reason, then tried to antagonize the clueless creep; failing that Grif moved to another table. The guy was still mad as I stayed, inwardly grinning, but the cards took care of my smug superior attitude by giving me stiff after stiff, resulting in a $170 loss. Too bad, I really wanted to show him up. Guess I was trying too hard. Oh well...


On to the Santa Fe at the other end of LV. Played DD with 70% and 3 other players for 1/2 hour, spreading $5-$30 and losing $40 before moving to a SD 55% pen table for 40 minutes, winning $70 with a $5-$20 spread and one other player.


Should have called it a night right then, but Grif wanted to stop at the Fiesta, a casino I haven't had much success at up till now. My Fiesta jinx continued as I lost $200 in only a half hour at their DD 60% $10 table and at their SD 50% pen $10 table.


The next day was unspectacular as I only played 2 sessions, losing $30 at the unspectacular Gold Coast DD game [surprisingly I estimated 65% pen in the rear pit], scoring a coffee shop comp, and another $200 at the Sam's Town $10 SD tables, getting Rule of 6 to 3 then 4 players.


Trip so far: Down $490. And I'm only playing red chips.


Stay tuned for Part 2. Same time. Same channel.




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