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July Vegas

 Posted by Red on 25 July 1999, at 9:33 p.m.



Arrived for the weekend. Staying with friends before heading to LA for business. Played the $25dd at Belagio, ended up $50. Pen was barely 60%. Played $25DD's at Mirage and Treasure Island. Did much better. Standard Deviation God smiled on me for a plus $1200. Pen was near 70%, depending on dealer. I managed to spread to two hands of $75 each for a total spread of 6-1. It was somewhat noticed, so I didn't push it. Sunday afternoons can be somewhat slow and the bosses need something to do.

They actually comped me for a room at TI when I asked for a rating.

Played about an hour with a friend at a new casino north of town caled the "Resort at Summerville" or something close to that. All six deck games but decent pen. I broke even, my buddy did slightly better.


Now for the bad news. Dropped close to $700 in a half hour at Monte Carlo in a normal swing on their $25dd games. Oh well. Still, I did manage my average win rate of $45/hr.


By the way, I play the Uston APC with an ace side count and have been for about 5 years. I live in CT and rarely have the time for LV although I do play the CT casinos frequently.


I would be very interested in joining or forming a team. Drop me a line.


Best of luck,





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