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Re: what's the advantage of team play...again??

 Posted by jake7 on 28 July 1999, at 4:02 p.m., in response to Re: what's the advantage of team play...?, posted by Barfarkel on 23 July 1999, at 11:37 p.m.



>>>" If all team members are playing with say a 1% advantage on all money wagered, you have now placed five times the money in action that you could have bet playing alone, with a correspondingly larger $ won.

Another big advantage is that with a 5X bankroll, all five counters can play $25 units instead of $5 units with the same risk. ">>>

WHAT am i not getting? Someone please help. My dunce math hat must me on.

What's the difference between me playing on my own with my own $5000 for x amount of time
me playing one-fifth of a 5-player team's $25,000 , i.e. my same $5000, for the same x amount of time ???

The win/loss is still divided by 5 for the same expected win or loss per person... isn't it?


I wasn't thinking about a husband-wife team, I was more thinking of team members casing for good games/shoes and alerting the wonging, betting player. That would seem to give a positive advantage over single play.


thanks for any continued explanation



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