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is there a "math teracher" in the place?again??

 Posted by jake7 on 29 July 1999, at 3:18 p.m., in response to Re: what's the advantage of team play...again??, posted by Barfarkel on 28 July 1999, at 7:18 p.m.



i know i'm dense sometimes, but...


Ok, you're setting it up the way i see it, but then here's the difference the way i look at it:


you say: >>>"Now each of you, playing simultaneously in different good sd and dd games all over town, has the same 1-4 and 1-6 spread and the same RoR. But now your basic unit is $50".<<<


if all of you are playing the same game (at different tables, at different casinos) at the same time, with the same bankroll per person that you would have played if not part of the team, then there is no difference, in effect: you're still playing with $5000 whether or not you've combined that with others' BRs.


You should (must?) still bet as if you weren't part of this team; your "new" bet is not $50 but $50 devided by 5 which equals $10 which equals what it'd be without the so-called team.


Your bankroll, and the banroll of each individual is still the same, i.e. sum(br1,br2,br3,br4,br5) divided by 5 equals original bankroll for you and each of the other team members


AND...if you increase your bet and bet spread for the larger combined BR you are way over-betting and your ROR has sky-rocketed.

Now, instead of playing and betting according to the ROR, ev and sd for that game and bankroll, you're playing and betting according to the ROR, ev and sd of a much larger bankroll ***which YOU don't have***, and disaster is going to happen much more often, and with greater certainty.

Not only can't I see the gain of team play in this way, i see nothing but disadvantage -- except for the guys who "lose" but get some of it back from the guys that win.


i think you got took . . .


I'm persuing this because I think there may be a lesson in this: either for me in gaining a better understanding of the bj math involved, or for you team-meisters...


can a math-teacher-type weigh in on this???



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