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payoff in Vegas

 Posted by Gambino on 12 August 1999, at 10:26 p.m.



I am 13, but I gamble, through goons of course. Anyway, I was staying at my favorite casino on the strip, Caesars. I have my goons play blackjack and roulette. But I make the decisions, and it is MY money. Well, this last trip, most of my usual guys weren't there, so I went to my last resort, my dad! Now, first he played blackjack, and that didn't work out to well(Not a Usted card counter!). Anyway, I lost about $70 the first night. The second night I put $70 down on black right away. What do you know, I won. Then I had my dad put $3 on 23, and then I surrounded that with six number bets. I had a hefty payoff about ten percent of the time, but overall, I was only about even. The I had my payoff. You know when you know just what's going to happen? Well, I did. I decided to put $5 down on 23, just on a whim(23 is my football number). I won! It was unbelievable! I couldn't believe it. Anyway, I made some more money the next night, and the night after, so I think my trip faired well.



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